Doping and the Illusion of Equality

Throughout the last few years, doping has once more become a ferocious debate within the athletic environment. From cyclist Lance Armstrong – who was caught recirculating his blood to regenerate red blood cells – to Brazilian UFC champion Anderson Silva (who used synthetic testosterone to strengthen his body), the competitive world of sports seems to … Continue reading Doping and the Illusion of Equality

Bernie Sanders and the Myth of Democratic Socialism

After Bernie Sanders resigned from the American presidential run in 2016, a rise of democratic socialism occurred all across the United States – from college campuses to political parties, all the way to our daily news. With it, various misconceptions about this system not only emerged, as it was popularized within the international political landscape. … Continue reading Bernie Sanders and the Myth of Democratic Socialism

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana

I usually don't like publishing answers that can potentially cause political and ethical opinions to collide with one another. In spite of that, I think that this is an issue of utmost importance; one that we should deal with concerning community rather than moral inclinations. In other words, when discussing such controversial issues like the … Continue reading The Case for Legalizing Marijuana